Saturday, July 17, 2010

the World's Greatest Show!

traveling circus made a 2 day stop in McCall. Kyle took Braylon Friday and I went with him Saturday so that he could have some fun one-on-one time with each parent. Lets just say it was great for a 3, almost 4, year old. They did have 2 tigers and a lion... but none of them wanted to even get out of the cages. After a splash of water they slowly made their way out, didn't feel like doing any tricks, one tiger went after the other and was quickly chased out. The juggler was our [me and Kyle] favorite and the hula hoop girl was cool and was almost as good as I am at catching hoops around her body as she spins more and more... okay, so I am really good at it on the Wii. Most of the show was a guy and his 4 kids. They are from FL and travel from March through October and put on 450 shows. Crazy. The oldest did an awesome single trapeze and the middle girl did some cool rope work but didn't seem super comfortable. They are well known for their family unicycle riding and showed a little of that. 

patchwork tent - I actually liked the look of this dilapidation

$6, $7, $8 or $9 depending on which employee you asked... 
pretty expensive air and spun sugar
They also had snowcones which was small, hard pellets and melted - like you would expect in a sweltering tent - Bray really wanted one. I told him they were small and expensive here and that maybe we could go get the big really good ones afterwards. About 45 minutes later he tapped my shoulder and said, "Mom, I really want a small, expensive one". Made me laugh, but not give in. I had brought him a snack in my bag so he was good with that. 
[I also bring my own popcorn if we go to the movies, who needs to pay that much for popcorn Bray eats most of it and we like kettle corn anyway] - tangent

I carried Braylon on my shoulders there and back, he pretended I was his horse, I got a good work out in, we got to laugh a lot together and Bray loved the show. Thanks for stopping in McCall!

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