Wednesday, July 21, 2010

recipe: chocolate chip cookies

I've heard of the tip to place your cookie sheets in the freezer for a few minutes before each batch and that helps, but the newest tip I found from a new blog I love called Brown Eyed Baker. Hey wait! That could be me, but it's not. For now I will work my way through recipes she has posted. Her tip?:
  • make whatever size ball of dough you want for your cookies [these were a 1/4 C and made big cookies]
  • roll into a fairly smooth and round ball
  • split it in half
  • bring the cookie back together with the split sides [that were the middle of the ball] topside and  press them into one cookie again, mostly at the bottom

Brown Eyed Baker's recipe for thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies can be found herethis was my favorite of the two and will be my go to chocolate chip recipe from now on.
Perfect combo of thick and chewy, vanilla and brown sugar goodness.

The other recipe I made was posted on V and Co., recipe here, I didn't like this dough base as much [if I added more vanilla and brown sugar it may tweatk it enough for me]  but Kyle really liked it. I would use this base for cookies with more additives, nuts, cranberries, candies, etc. I didn't have time to cook all of this dough before church so I rolled them out on a cookie sheet, put them in the freezer, transfered them to a zip lock bag for future baking.

confession: I did eat [a lot] of these straight from the freezer. yummy.


Heidi said...

Ooooh! You can sit by me!!

Michelle @ Brown Eyed Baker said...

So glad you loved the cookies, they are definitely my go-to cookie. I haven't tried another chocolate chip cookie recipe since I first made these. I love how the shaping method gives these that bakery-style, craggly top look!