Monday, July 19, 2010

Jack and Sledge

Kyle went solo to the movie box this evening and came home with The ToothFairy and Sherlock Holmes. We just finished watching The ToothFairy and I am 100% positive I will be hearing, "Meet the hammer brothers, Jack and Sledge" from both Braylon and Kyle while flexing as hard as they can. Joy. =)

Oh, and Aiden is now lovingly referred to as Golfball in this house. Braylon is adament that is what he is called and has taken to telling everyone he meets that it is his real name and correcting me and Kyle if we refer to Aiden as anything else. Bray takes it very seriously.

Lastly, Braylon, today you promised you would  buy me a lake house when you are bigger like Daddy. Unsolicited. Please remember this in 30 years or so. =)

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