Saturday, July 10, 2010

aiden: 2 months

  • weighs 13 lbs 14 ounces and so very tall
  • feet passed up 3 month socks weeks ago, fit most comfortable in 6-12 month socks
  • people comment on the size of his hands and feet often
  • loves having his diaper changed and taking baths 
  • give the most alluring sly smiles before and after feedings
  • smiles and coos at Bray when he makes silly faces or sings for you 
  • [most of the time]
  • takes a long evening nap before -
  • sleeping from 11-midnight until 6-7 am eats quickly then sleeps for another hour or two
  • loves to sleep during the day if laying on someone, but wakes up sooner if laid down
  • braylon always wants to take care of him on his own and tells us we can go, he can do it
  • has cute knee cap dimples, deep leg pudge and a sneaky dimple in his right cheek
  • eats way faster than brayon did
  • [or maybe I know what I'm doing better this time around]
  • falls asleep almost immediately in the car/stroller/carrier
  • braylon still calls him Taylor Aiden
  • loves flying above his Dad and having mini conversations with him
  • is currently being called hotdog by Bray
  • ridiculously loved by mommy, daddy and big brother

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