Tuesday, July 06, 2010

1,456 miles

The last 4 days Braylon has been 1,456 miles away  from us @ Nana's cabin in Minnesota.

We weren't able to make the trip back there this summer for the 4th like we have the past 3 years but we all agreed that it would be great for Bray to still make the trip. He flew out with Kyle's sister, Megan, from Spokane, WA. 

It felt crazy to send him away on a plane without me, but I knew that he would have a blast and be well taken care of.  Kyle and I got to have a few days toddler free and Bray got to play with family @ the cabin by the lake and take part of this years flotilla parade. 

We just got home from picking Bray up from Megan's house in Moscow, ID and he was so excited about his trip but when I asked him to tell me about it he said it was a secret and that I needed to watch the movie about his trip; its on after Toy Story 3. So... basically I have no idea how to get anything out of him yet. 

Pictures to come as soon as I get some from the family. 

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Heidi said...

"...we all agreed it would be good for Bray to still make the trip." I love that! My husband and I agree daily that it would be good for our children to go somewhere else for awhile!! If only it actually happened! =0)