Friday, June 04, 2010

More Adventures in McCall

Wednesday Aiden and I took our first solo adventure and drove the 2 1/2 hours down the canyon for my first post delivery check-up. The drive down went very smoothly aside from the heavy downpour of rain the whole way. Thanks to the many many days/weeks I spent around Boise with my Mom waiting for him to be born I didn't get lost on my way through the city. Doc said everything looks great and it healing well. I'm down 38 lbs since my last appointment pre-delivery. Yay! I still have a lot more to go. Boo. I gained a lot =). 

Afterwards we spent some time @ the Tri State [parent company to our store] and I tried getting good pictures of [a mostly male] staff [that says they don't remember how to smile] for the website and proposals while Mari hung out with Aiden. We ran a couple of errands and then headed back up the canyon. It was a successful trip: I left feeling good.

This time there was a dense wall of fog for a lot of the drive, and the same heavy rain and rockslides. Several times driving around tight 35 mph max turns there were boulders the size of a car's hood blocking the road - fortunately for me they were blocking oncoming traffic. At last we made it home, fed Aiden, looked at the water pouring down from the ceiling in the hallway and what will be our bedroom, joy, and had just laid down in a nice hot bath when Kyle burst in saying the basement [our store] was flooded. Braylon had walked by the stairs that go to the store and saw water in the landing.

We spent the rest of the night/early morning hours trying to stop the flow of water coming in from the door due to the storm and cleaning up the 3 inches of standing water as best we could. There are flood warnings in effect through tonight... the carpet is still wet downstairs, it smells like nasty wet and dirt, and there is still a lot to do to get things back looking good which is what we spent all day yesterday trying to do. 

So, keep your fingers  crossed that our flooding has passed and please please let things dry up out here and allow the sun to shine and the temperatures to rise! We would really appreciate that! 

Here's a few pictures of serenity that have helped keep us sane and keep smiles on our faces. 


Jess said...

He is darling Julie. I'm so sorry about the flooding!

Liz and Lorin without Borders said...

Beautiful baby. Boo about the floods.

Lacey McKay said...

Oh my gosh! He has the cutest lips ever! When I saw that first pic, I saw grant's mouth! And I've always thought grant and Justin looked very similar. Do you think he looks like Justin? How funny that you had two brothers and now you have two boys! He is just precious Julie! Congratulations!

{K J B} said...

I have always thought that Braylon looked so much like Justin did as a baby and toddler. Aiden keeps developing and we think he looks a lot like Bray sometimes. I LOVE watching the changes these first weeks. And it still seems crazy when I think about it that he was just swimming around less than 6 weeks ago.