Thursday, June 03, 2010

L & D - part II

The part men probably won't want to read -

Having my doctor tell me it was time to deliver didn't seen real. The possibility of even being at this point where I would have a successful delivery without c-section was what I had wanted and hoped for but still seemed like a long shot, especially after how the day had gone up until that point.  

My Mom had my camera ready for pictures of the baby as soon as he was born and Kyle surprised me, and himself, and stood on one side with my nurse on the other side for support. [Kyle has always sworn he would stay up by my head, giving good moral support.] I sat up held my legs and pushed for 3xs for 10 seconds through one contraction and Aiden was already crowning. After that my contractions stopped for a little bit so I was given oxygen again. As soon as they started again I pushed through two more contractions.  While I was pushing the door to my room opened and in walked my Dad and brother Chase. They had just made it up from Utah and had the shock realization that this was my labor and delivery room. I heard a loud, "Oh Geeze!" and they quickly exited the room. We were all laughing; there wasn't much else to do at that point and then my doctor said he needed to "gown up" because this baby was coming now. 

My Mom texted Dad and Chase letting them know they could come in if they wanted. I was decent while my doctor quickly got ready. Dad and Chase decided to come in, we were all ready and three contractions worth of pushing later they told me to stop pushing, they were clearing out my little boys throat and nose and a tiny push more and the doctor was handing Kyle scissors to cut the umbilical cord. He has always sworn he would not do that. Kyles automatic reaction was to reach for it, he caught himself and pulled back, but then reached for it again and cut the cord and they handing Aiden to me. 

They did all of the cleaning up of him and initial checks while he was with me so that I was able to hold him. I kept telling them it felt like I was pretending to push, like we were practising delivery. It was amazing. It was also pretty incredible that I had my parents and brother there to support me and our new baby [from different vantage points]. Chase videoed the baby post delivery, Mom and Kyle took pictures. 

All in all, 6 to 7 contractions, less than 30 minutes from start to finish, no pain, 3 minor stitches and one... 

8 lb 12.6 ounce
20 inch long
beautiful baby boy


Jess said...

Your story made me cry! I'm so proud of Kyle. I'm so glad it turned out so well!

Nike said...

I had to laugh at your dad's comment when he walked in! So glad everything went well and that you had family there to help. Aiden is beautiful.