Saturday, June 19, 2010

daily: out my window

There is a truck parked across the side street from our house; always a sandwich board boasting fresh salmon 4 sale, occasionally a tall staff with feathers tethered down the shaft leaning against the bed of the truck which gives an air of authentic native fishing abilities. 

Justin and Ira were interested so we walked over to check it out. A cooler was opened and a few of these large beauties were sitting on ice. They are more adventurous than I am and purchased one, I wasn't sure how to cook it but Justin was positive that dad would know how. He did, on a park grill that was shorter than our salmon, we packed it onto a rented pontoon boat and picnicked on the lake. It was amazingly delicious.

Braylon even loved it and ate more the next few days. I would say it was a huge hit and would love to have it again... I just need Dad to come back up and prep it  for me  =)

Along for the picnic: My mom and dad. Kyle's mom and Jim, Justin and Ira, Chase and our family of 4.

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