Saturday, June 26, 2010

back to SLC

Over the weekend we were able to take our first trip back to UT as a whole family. We wanted to see family and friends again, let people meet Aiden, check on our house and why not throw a softball tournament in there for good measure. 

  • Kyle and I crashed Mom's group @ Liberty Park with some of my favorite ladies and their kiddos
  • Spending hours in Ikea with my Mom
  • Kyle's team won the single pitch tournament [around 5 am] Saturday
  • Bray got to go for a motorcycle ride and "Boy's Breakfast" in Heber with his Grandpa 
  • Bray had a movie date with my parents and went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D
  • Saw lots of my family @ a gathering after my cousin's baby's blessing
  • My Grandma and Aunt were up from Arizona
  • Took pictures of my Grandma with Braylon and Aiden, her great-grandbabies
  • bbq dinner with our awesome friends in SLC that we miss so stinking much
  • Braylon got to play with his best buddies, Jamie and Rees, who he talks about every single day, includes in all of his stories and adventures and prays for @ every prayer, including all meals =)
  • Bray burning his left shin by walking too close to the motorcycle's muffler
  • Bray burning his right pointer finger by touching the muffler as he was pointing out what burnt his leg
  • Bray cutting his left forearm by trying to pick up and move a large rock in the living room
  • Bray slicing his right shin open by bumping into the same rock while trying to pass it 
  • [deep enough and long enough that he needed many interior stitches and 9 topical stitches]
  • [all on Saturday]
  • [now he needs to keep it totally clean and dry, just as he is heading out to the lake house in MN for the 4th]

  • Dad carried Bray in the car as I drove to the hospital
  • Bray fell asleep on the way [>10 minute drive]
  • Slept through the entire procedure
  • The Doctor said he could take his time and do a really great job stitching because of it
  • Bray was proclaimed the best patient of the day
  • He slept the whole way home and for the rest of the night
  • He is looking forward to getting the stitches out, he doesn't like that they are there but he's handling it really well
  • Aiden slept with my Mom the entire time we were gone
Cons aside, our weekend in SLC/Heber was great. It was my first time back since I left on April 1st. I was worried it would make me homesick; it did, but it felt really great to be able to see friends and family again. We also had a chance to spruce up the house again for showings - yes - its still on the market. We're thinking about renting it out so if your interested or know someone who might be let us know. =) We still miss you all down there but look forward to any opportunity to hang out with you whenever possible!

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Nike@TheDirtyHalfDozen said...

Oh Julie! Wow. What a Saturday! I'm so glad you guys survived intact. Glad Bray's doing better and handling the stitches okay. Wish we could have seen you guys at Stella's blessing.