Sunday, May 02, 2010

Old post that Mocks

I posted this list way back in October of last year.
Everyone on the list has had their little ones but me - Even Kristen! {hope all stays well there!} So, yeah, Heidi, I noticed that my countdown ticker thing is a liar too... another source of mockery... so I will get to changing that later today. =) So far he likes his little home too much to want join us on the outside - probably because he hears its still snowing in McCall and that sounds too cold.
Oh yeah, so if I don't go into labor today, I'll share what on Earth we are doing in McCall in the first place. =)

Carol * baby #1 girl August * Vanessa
Stacie * baby #1 girl September *
Liz * baby #1 boy October * Oliver
Terri * baby #2 girl November * Tessa
Nancy * baby #1 girl December * Sophia Rose
Heidi * baby #? {not sure}February *
Casey * baby #2 {too soon to tell} April 2010 * Porter David
me * baby # 2 boy May 2010
Cortney * baby #2 {too soon to tell} May 2010 {girl} Stella
Kristen * baby #3 {too soon to tell} June 2010 {Hailey Jean}

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Nancy said...

I hope you have him soon! I'm so sad you guys moved. :[ When you are in town, let's do lunch or something. :]