Sunday, May 09, 2010

"Mudder's Day"

This morning I slept in some but woke up with a pounding headache and amazing swelling [like I have for the past few days]. After that past Mom and I left our hotel room at the crack of 1 pm to make it to a showing of Babies. It was okay, some very interesting things to see, but we both thought that it could have been done better.

Kyle, Braylon and Mari were on their way back down from McCall so we walked around downtown for a while and then went to get some lunch @ Applebees. After meeting up we found a park to play at to let Bray get some of his energy out. I kinda forgot that I am over 40 weeks pregnant and did a few moves trying to avoid being tagged out by Bray in our 3 person baseball game - and during hide and seek - and hurt myself a little. =) Braylon is so excited for me to be able to really play with him again so it was worth it.

Kyle and I went out to dinner and then came back for one last night of peace and calm before life as we know it changes again.

It was a very good day. =)

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