Monday, May 31, 2010

love this guy, love his logic...

a few things from this age that we want to remember: 

  • sa-mash-ed potatoes = mashed potatoes
  • hail isn't hail, its: starf-a-foam ... aka styrofoam ... we get a lot of it up here.
  • @ lunch, I was scooping out cookie dough while Bray was eating at the table - "Ohhh... the problem is that you want me to eat my oranges, and I want to help you..." I didn't even know there was a problem.
  • if you cat call whistle (or pretend to whistle since I am whistle challenged) Braylon's response every time is - "You can say that again!" or alternate  "You can whistle that again!"
  • walking back uphill after waking around "downtown" McCall - "I really appreciate your holding my hand, but I'm still too tired."
  • late night melt down trying to get him to bed - "I just want to be able to do what you and mom do!"

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