Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I had another massage last night, and really, everyone woman should get them from someone well trained in them in their last trimester... throughout really... but it feels so good this far along to lay face down and have your back and neck worked that well.

Afterwards he thought I was SO ready to go into labor. It felt like my body was working up to it for hours last night and it was really hard to fall and stay asleep. Then I woke up this morning having not gone into labor overnight... hmmm...

So far today I've had some good contractions but not consistent yet. My waddle is at its worst.

Moving on!

In my trepidation about being about 2 hours away from any major store once I'm up in McCall I have wanted to be as prepared as possible for the baby before we have him and go back there. I asked a few friends that had more recently had babies "what things were the most essential for the baby and them that you would recommend". I got a few good responses I hadn't thought about. So, since I am still down here I propose the question to you! Any life savers? Must haves? Couldn't live withouts?


Nancy said...

One thing I really needed and forgot to buy was breast pads and a maternity bra. Somehow I forgot those and had to sneak away and get some. Also, frozen dinners were a huge blessing!

La Wrangler said...

Lanolin, for the breastfeeding... I had to go out every other day to try new and different relief options. I think emu oil might work really well too. Doggie poop bags for dirty diapers... and plenty of yummy comfort food to soothe your sleep deprived crankiness. :) Love you and hope he comes soon!