Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I had an amazing massage on Sunday from someone who does maternity/labor and delivery/post delivery massage as a speciality. The guy swears I will be having the baby 11-16 hours after we finished. Which would give us a May 3rd baby, perfect to share the day with my Mom.
I didn't go into labor overnight which is what I am kinda hoping will happen so waking up hoping/waiting to go into labor at any moment made me anxious. We had a fun day yesterday regardless. Walked around Mtn. Home with my mom, went out to lunch with her, Kyle and Bray. Drove into Boise and watched How to Train Your Dragon - which is probably a little too much for Bray's age - and back to Mtn. Home for some birthday cake for Mom since I hadn't gone into labor.

So, no baby yet.

I definitely feel like I should be in labor - my body is so tired and sore and ready to complete this process but not enough to be switching from early to active labor. Here's hoping for today, or tomorrow. I think 5-5-10 would be a fun birthday... like Braylon's being 8-7-06. But since I have no real say in the matter I suppose I will keep waiting impatiently.

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