Tuesday, April 27, 2010

you asked for an update:

  • April 1st - worked my last day in my office and then loaded myself and Braylon into my car and left our home for Mountain Home, Idaho
  • April 2nd - woke up early to drive into Boise to meet with a couple of doctors to try to find a new one @ 36 weeks pregnant. Got my first ticket in over 6 years for speeding - grrr. Mostly embarrassed because I had Braylon and my mother-in-law, Mari, in the car with me. Met with two Doctors that seemed great - chose one ended up switching to the other later - just felt right. Drove with Mari and Braylon up to McCall to check out our new home to be with the intention of getting a jump start on @ least a special new bedroom and space for Braylon to make the transition easier.  Kyle's brother and his wife were finishing packing up while we got started upstairs. Megan, Kyle's sister came down for the weekend to be a superhero and help us all out.
  • April 2nd (night)- April 4th (afternoon)- worked like crazy and accomplished so much! with all of the help. We were going to head back down to Mountain Home for Easter dinner but Mari did too much and ended up catching some awful flu bug so we just had to bring her home to bed. - but the Easter bunny was still very conscious of the little ones and supplied an Easter basket in the morning and had left a fun egg hunt set up back @ Mari's house. Braylon knew that the flowered eggs were "girl eggs" and were meant for his cousin Amilia but he still had to check them out and then close them back up and hide them away again.
Braylon's room: floral wallpaper stripped, textured, sanded, base coat painted and adorned with amazing custom painted mischievous monkeys and an awesome giraffe
Playroom: wood floors cleaned, 1940s rubber/plastic rug removed, floors and back of built-in shelves repainted
Main Bathroom/laundry room: cleaned, caulked, painted
Baby's room/Living room and Dining room: painted
  • April 5th - drove with Braylon back up to McCall to work on the house more and await Kyle's arrival. Vacuumed, shampooed carpets, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, etc., set up a mattress for Bray and I and went to sleep.
  • April 6th - started our new adventure of running the LightHouse. Kyle got in around 1 am, his brother Nick came back up to help train and transition us in, them out of the store for the week.
  • April 9th - Friday morning I drove back down to Boise with Braylon for my checkup, decided during that drive that I would switch doctors and called to schedule with the new one.
  • April 10th - Picked out a new washer! yay! we will be able to do laundry! Scheduled delivery. Kyle picked Braylon up and drove down with him and his Dad to Salt Lake to work on a couple more projects at the house and bring up some more furniture. Gave Bray a chance to hang out with his "best buddies" again.
  • April 13-18th - ran the store on our own for the first time, while trying to clean, paint, unpack and parent a 3 year old. Goodness! Attented our ward up there for the first time; its always nice meeting people for the first time when you are 38 weeks pregnant! Drove down to Mtn. Home for my check up on Monday.
  • April 19th - check up. Everything looks good, baby sounds great, dialted to a 4, advised NOT to go back to McCall. Kyle, Mari and Bray play a little golf, send Kyle back to McCall on his own, Braylon and I stay down here to await pending labor.
  • April 20th - my Mom drove up to make sure she would be here in time, I was contracting regularly, intuitve friends of hers said go for it... =) ...
  • Apparently I have an "irritable uterus" it has also been refered to by the nurses @ St. Lukes triage unit as "cranky" and "uncommitted". Basically I have been contracting every 1 -2 minutes since the 21st. They are real, and solid but not comitting to true labor so those contractions, cramps and pain are set as my new baseline for my norm. I've been to the triage twice being checked - once was last night; I asked how to make it commit and the nurses laughed. hmmm...  
  • I have decided I am going to retreat into my "red tent" for those of you who may have read or be familure with acient traditions.... and hide away. I wish the contractions would stop being so consistant and hard if they aren't really doing anything but I can't control it so it is what it is I guess.
  • As soon as I can get back to McCall I will get some pictures of all of the fun decorating we have been doing in the new house and of course, if I am in McCall that will mean we have a new baby so of course there will be plenty of pictures of him!


Heidi said...

I want to see your house, but the link just brings up the Real Estate page. What's your mls number?

Also I need to seriously catch up with you, I didn't know you were moving to Idaho! And what's this about a store?

kristine said...

I am so excited for you guys!Please let us know if you guys need any help, Jason is pretty handy plus a drive to McCall would be fun :) Take care of yourself!