Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whats in a Name?

When we were having Braylon we were sure of his name months before his actual delivery.
We had a list of potential boys and girls names which we got to narrow down after our 18 week ultrasound to just boys names... there seemed to be a top ten list running on the fridge. Braylon kept creeping up the list of favorites and pretty soon we both knew for certain that his frist and middle names would be Braylon McKay.

Not so much for this little guy.

I'm sure its because of all of the additional things we have had going on throughout this pregnancy. Family, work, packing, house projects, work, life, packing, moving... etc. We have a couple of top contenders but not one name that either of us just knows is right.

I never thought I would be in this situation, but it might actually come down to seeing him and then hopeing we feel strongly about what the right name for him will be. 

So, I'm still open for suggestions!


Heidi said...

Jackson, Jarom, Micah, Reuben, Rell, Benjamin


Anonymous said...

I still love Aiden! But, I'll love him no matter what you call him!!!

Jess said...

I vote for Aidan. I also like Hayden.

El Fro said...

How about ...

Number 2 or Cho'drak (said with a Klingon accent)


William Riker

Craig and Jen said...

I love the name Charlie....almost named Austin that but Austin just looked like "Austin".

Lacey McKay said...

Don't you think it's kind of funny that your son's name is very similar to my husband's and they are both born on the same day? (Brian McKay - 8-7-79) And if Abbey had been a boy, she would have been "Brayden Michael McKay" born on the SAME FLIPPIN' DAY! That would have been pretty crazy! I still can't believe we had our babies on the same exact day and we were both due on the exact same day, but like eleven days later I think? Crazy.

Lacey McKay said...

Actually, if Abbey had been a boy, I probably would have named her Brian, just because she was born on her daddy's b-day. But Abigail means "A Father's Joy", so that's pretty good too! I didn't even put that together until a few months after she was born!