Tuesday, March 02, 2010

paradise {day three}

Happy Birthday to Kyle! 

Kyle finally had his wish of spending a birthday on the beach, soaking in the sun fulfilled today. We had a great breakfast of his buttermilk pancakes then all headed down to the beach so he and Chase could attempt surfing/boogie boarding in the bay.... with an old - tiny- board and broken boogie boards they found here @ the rental house.

My Mom, Dad and I showed up to see how it was going just as the lifegaurds were suiting up to go out and either ask them to move to a different location or perform a rescue because they were getting really close to a dangerous riptide that they said would sweep them out to Alaska.

We all moved down the beach and rested in the sand but them my Dad found an area on the other side of the pier where locals had surf lessons going on. Mom and Dad signed Chase and Kyle up for some lessons and the boys had way more success. 

Right now Kyle is napping on the beach and I am about to follow suit here... but I will post their amazing pictures later. So far I think he is really enjoying his birthday.

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Heidi said...

I give up, where's Braylon? Did you leave him home? Sounds like an incredible vacation!