Thursday, March 04, 2010

paradise {day five}

It rained hard all night which gave me the best sleep I have had yet. Anytime I would wake up I would listen to the tropical rain and feel the amazing breeze and fall back asleep happily.

We spent the morning walking around Ching Young Villiage again and then took off with the group to hunt down sunshine a little more south on the island. Kyle and I left a little later than the others because my heartrate had been racing pretty fast for the hour or so before. When we met up with the group it was pretty overcast and really windy. We left Justin and Ira and Ira's parents snorkeling in the bay and went into Kapa'a to pick up some lunch.

When we got back it was still incredibly windy so Kyle and I decided to head back to Hanalei.  It rained a lot again and my feet - mostly just my left foot - was still really swollen so I rested inside for the rest of the day. Kyle joined my Dad and brothers at the beach for some evening sand volleyball and had a great time.

@ 6:45 Kappan dropped off the food that his family had made for our small luau so mom and I got to work making side dishes, salads, rice, etc. as fast as we could so that as soon as everything was done we could eat. Kappan's whole family came over @ 7:45 and put on a show for all of us with guitar and song, hawaiian dance and tahitian dance... and to end the night, a fire knife dance by Kappan. It was awazing.
~Kappan and his wife were good friends of our family when we lived here.

Tomorrow night Kappan will be performing with his trio @ a resort in Princeville and we're going to try to make it over to watch the whole show.

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La Wrangler said...

It sounds so amazing, I'm so glad you are getting such a wonderful relaxing vacation. Love all the pictures!