Thursday, March 11, 2010

one of the other reasons...

for the lack of posts. 

With all of the huge life changes we have happening here we have decided to sell our house. We have been incredibly busy after work getting things packed up and some house projects done. We are [okay.. not not me so much] currently working frantically to get the 3rd bedroom finished out so that we will *hopefully* be able to sell the house quicker and closer to its full potential. 

We will be listing the house on Monday, so I'll give you all the first crack at it before the word gets out there too far and starts a bidding war.  =)

*more wedding/Kauai pictures soon! I've just gotten caught up @ work and will try to sneak some time away from packing/cleaning to post... probably not until Sunday though

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La Wrangler said...

Wow you guys must never get any sleep!! I'd be tempted to help out with the bidding war but I think I have to stay put here for a while... I wish you the best of luck and a fast sale!