Thursday, December 31, 2009

why you didn't get a Christmas card...

 yeah... so we tried. 

Braylon: 6 hours post nasty flu virus... channeling a little Calvin n' Hobbes photo attempt

Me: winter white, getting sicker and sicker with B's flu each minute we tried for one successful Christmas pic

Kyle: kinda white too, but otherwise lookin' good

Here's to next year!  I will have a Christmas card and it will be done early! and it will be great dang it!


Kristen said...

Yeah, I didn't get mine done either. Which is sad, because I had a picture and the entire card designed. I just never ordered it or mailed any out. Next year, right?

Nike Peterson said...

Yeah, but at least your attempt was beautiful and NOT in Walmart. You're way ahead of us!