Friday, January 08, 2010

artistic criticism: from a three year old

Braylon received some clay for Christmas and has been wanting to play with it ever since. Tonight I gave in and we spent a little time rolling it and then {trying} to create miniature animals as pictured in the pamphlet that came with it. I made a blue shark, it was awesome, at least I thought my 3 year old would think so.

b: oh... I'm sorry Mom, that's not a shark... I'm sorry, its not a shark.
{shaking his head sadly}
me: It's a shark, it looks just like the picture
b: I'm sorry, it's not a shark
{as he rolls my masterpiece into a mixed-color clay ball}

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La Wrangler said...

Hahah, of all the people in the world at least our kids should be impressed with us! At least Arin is still at the stage where he thinks me rolling Play-doh into a ball is an amazing talent, guess that won't last long!