Tuesday, December 08, 2009

December 4-7

was spent in Las Vegas for the Vegas World's Softball Tournament.

Kyle's mom came down to play with Braylon while we were gone.  Kyle, his brother Nick and our sis-in-law Rebecca drove down Friday afternoon while I stayed behind so I could spend a little time with my family at the annual chocolate factory that they gift us with.  My parent's joined me for the drive down Saturday afternoon {well, I car crashed with them} and we had a fun road trip... even including the 3 hours we were in dead-stopped-not-a-car-moving-an-inch-for-3-hours! traffic on I-15 due to an accident.  Seriously, that was still fun for me to be there with my mom and dad - B - I hope you feel that way someday too. 

We missed all of Kyle an Nick's games Saturday because of it... and I was so tired and slept in Sunday morning and missed both morning games... but I did make it to their afternoon game, which unfortunately they lost which ended their run.  They did place 12 out of 50 teams that competed, so yay!  I just felt bad I missed practically the whole thing. 

We got ready to hit the town and my parent's took us to an amazing restaurant - which I can't remember the name of - where the food was fantastic and the view was amazing.  Afterward we hurried over and watched the Circ de Soleil show, MystereSo much of it was cool, so much of it I did not understand the point of... weird large baby anyone???...  We spent the next hour or so exploring some of the cooler hotels/casinos and just having a fun time hanging out.

It was a great trip, allowed us some fun couple time, hanging out with family time and letting Braylon get his Grammy all to himself time.

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