Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i've been surrounded in faux fur, suede, beautiful fabrics and have cut more than I can care to think about right now, but i will still be going to sewing class tonight

braylon loves to say "holy cow dude"

our baby is approximately 4 inches long already and i smile just thinking about the awesome movements i have felt from it getting comfortable already... tons of movement today

kyle has spent a couple of nights this month being watched like a hawk from nurses testing him for sleep apnea. we found out he stops breathing around 19 times an hour!  not cool! so he's exploring his options but isn't too happy about it

in the tub, braylon likes to pour water on his head
and say, "now i'm a cool stud"
2nd pour, "now i'm a cool rockstar stud"
3rd pour, "now i'm cool like daddy.  i have spikies all over my head!"

braylon loves to use "actually" and "also" in conversation which is stinking cute from a 3 year old

i'm more excited to make my stuffing...err... dressing... again this year @ Thanksgiving than i am to try the new desserts i will be making... must be pregnant

we will be going to vegas in a few weeks for kyle's world's softball tournament... litchfield chocolate factory is the same weekend... i've already started making plans for how to do both because its one of my favorite days of the year

braylon riding in the car with kyle:
"daddy you are superman
i'm spiderman
and mommy is cat woman, she say's meow, meow"
{and we have never watched anything with him that has any of those characters...}

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