Friday, October 16, 2009

remember this post?

last minute trip to Idaho
coming oh so soon!

2nd baby checkup 
coming oh so soon!

pregnancy palate: For weeks, probably the first 2 months the only thing that truly seemed appetizing was chicken soup from Cafe Rio. It was delicious and filling and full of amazing flavor. Unfortunately as of 3 weeks ago I woke up and it no-longer did it for me.  Since then, nothing really has.  Its frustrating and a little sad but I hope that things will change again soon. 

this week in sports

 I meant talk about Braylon's tball and then soccer; both games were fun and he had team pictures.  We watched a ton of MN Twins games as they battled in post season games.  The MN Vikings play their first game vs. the Packers with Favre as their new quarterback and MN college sports. Wow, busy week. =)

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Sara said...

I love your blog!! I wish I had a little more talant with html codes and adding signatures and all that fun stuff that you do!
Mine is pretty boring:

Hope all is well with you guys! :)