Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pumpkin party

We had so much fun Monday!  since we decided to do it on Sunday for the following day we were in a rush to make sure we got everything set up as fast as possible.  Since we told people to come on over @ 6:30-7ish I thought we should probably have some real food too so I made a chicken white chili late Sunday night, prepped it all and put it in the refrigerator to throw in the crock pot in the am before leaving for work.  I hadn't done that before but it worked out great.  I really wanted to make these and had all of the ingredients but just not the time, so I found this recipe {and her pic... this blog makes me want to take a week @ home to just bake and decorate to my hearts content} and then made really fast just as people were coming over.

 I hear they were really good.  Everything tastes so blah to me these days.  I did like the chili though and a spicy dip Chris and Carol brought.  Maybe I can only really taste things with a lot of flavor?  Not sure, but I don't really like it.  But at least I have the same blah feelings about ice cream which is a huge difference from my pregnancy with Braylon, I hope it stays that way.

our guests who accepted last minute and made the night awesome: Chris and Carol Watson, Bart Pickett and Carla {engaged.  Bart carver his pumpkin to be a display box featuring stone henge}, Liz Leithead {who's due date is in 2 days and who's baby boy is perfectly content to stay where he is} and Trevor Katrina and Lizzy Corbett. 

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bridget {bake at 350} said...

Blog hopping and found my little pumpkin muffin picture on your blog. I had to do a double-take.

Thanks for linking to the recipe. Glad your guests enjoyed them. :)