Monday, October 19, 2009

pumpkin carving, and other fun treats

This past week Braylon and I went to work cleaning and carving our pumpkins we got from the pumpkin patch in Idaho {once I find that flashdrive - very fun pics to come}.  I had Braylon help through the whole process even though at first he was a little too much like his dad and did not want to touch the pumpkin guts.  After I showed him how much fun it was he would switch pumpkins back and forth with me making sure we got them good and clean.  I carved a funny little critter monster into his smaller one, and then I was so tired of carving I just cut out a large B in mine.  2 days later the large pumpkin is sitting strong and happy on the porch and his small one is in the garbage after it crumpled in a soggy mess... boo! So tonight we are having friends over for some more pumpkin carving fun.  I made a huge pot of white chili and hope to have hot chocolate, cider and caramel apples to enjoy while we all hang out.

{below}We love us some Jone's soda.  We came across these mini cans of special edition Halloween flavors and immediately put them in our cart.  Verdict?  They are both way too strong!  They tasted more like a concentrate that might be awesome if we mixed it in with a 2 liter or club soda or something.  The green can SpoooKiwi was my favorite, but the candy corn one was way too syrupy to enjoy at all.  Pretty disappointing but hey, the cans are cute and they got us to buy it.

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Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Sounds like an awesome pumpkin carving party to me, wish we could crash it. :)
And those cans are SO adorable, I would grab the candy corn ones in a second... I'll have to keep an eye out, maybe I can make a punch out of them.