Monday, October 26, 2009

life adventures with a 3 year old

Saturday morning I was sleeping in {thank you kb!} Braylon was playing in his room and Kyle was watching College Game Day on ESPN {they were at BYU in Provo}.

Around 9:10 I heard a loud thud and screaming

Kyle and I both ran into Brays room, he said he fell off his dresser...
and he had blood all over his hand and mouth.  I thought he must have split his lip or bit his lip so I took him to the bathroom to clean it up, but his mouth and lips didn't have any cuts and the blood kept coming.  I tilted his chin back and we saw that he had split his chin open in a straight cut across his chin bone.  We knew it would need stitches so we cleaned him up, bandaged him as best we could.  He laid on my bed while I got dressed, we packed his mini dvd player and some movies, his blanket and pillow and he had to being his special stuffed frog along with us to InstaCare. 

We ended up being there for just over 2 hours, the dvd player was a life saver! Bray watched it in the waiting room and in our "suture room". The first time Braylon whimpered a little there was when I had to remove the bandages we had put on at home.  After I pulled them off the doctor applied a cold numbing cream to his chin instead of doing a shot.  When the doctor left the room Braylon smiled and said "good thing I'm such a tough boy."  We sure love him!

20 minutes later the doctor and a nurse came in and got to work.  Braylon laid perfectly still on the table and kept his eyes closed.  Kyle stood over B to comfort and encourage him.  I am so proud of them both.  Kyle hates watching anything medical, of any kind.  They bandaged over the stitches and sat Bray up and he told them Thank you. 

That pretty much wiped Kyle and I both out for the rest of the day.

Our next challenge is going to be trying to keep it dry until Friday.  Its already proven to be difficult but Bray has been really good about it so far.


Heidi said...

Oh, poor baby! I'm so sorry, I hate stitches with children, I just feel so bad for them. Good luck to your brave little guy!

Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

That's so scary, I'm glad it turned out okay. And def. keep it dry... the reason the scar on my chin is so gross is because my mom let me go swimming before I was supposed to = nightmare. Good luck!