Friday, October 16, 2009

latest projects:

Baby shower gifts for Liz and Lorin.  My favorite part is that Jess made a quilt for his room and we actually used the same color palate and my trim fabric is the exact same as one of the materials she used.  We didn't know it until Liz opened my gift .  Okay, I also love that the night of the shower Lorin dressed a teddy bear waiting in the nursery in the outfit and propped him in the child's size rocker.

When Mari was in town a few weeks ago she helped show me how to recover our glider more professionally than I would have been able to on my own.  It was a burlap type beige... probably fine for some, but it was never our favorite and changing the material helps it fit in our living room better. 
I plan on making matching pads to cover the arms which are flat wood and hurt when you are rocking/nursing. We picked up some things for a few additional projects too: material to make Halloween {better get on that fast!} and Christmas cushion covers for our dining room and a slip cover for our futon among other things.  I wish I already knew the gender of this baby so I could start planning... but I guess there are plenty of other things to do in the meantime.


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John and Casey Matern said...

Julie, I totally get you on the wanting to know what you're having thing! It's driving me crazy! Hopefully only one more month! Oh and, I don't know if you knew this yet but Cortney is pregnant too!! She is due May 3rd, so we'll all be having babies together!! Super exciting!