Friday, October 23, 2009

good thing...

{setting}  carrying Braylon out to the car this morning to take him to school on my way to work: {B} who weighs a good 34 lbs, my purse which is probably comparable in weight, a bag with {B}'s clothes and shoes for the day while holding onto my keys and balancing the last half of {B}'s peanut butter an honey toast from breakfast. 

{B} oh hey! pieces of my bread are falling down! to the bugs!  they are going to eat it 'cause they are hungry.

{B} remeber when I was a bug and I was crawling and crawling and I crawled to eat your toes???

{me} you were a bug crawling in the grass?

{B} yeah, and I crawled to eat your toes!

when Braylon is telling stories he  emphasizes his point with repetition... ex... crawling, crawling, crawling,  growing bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger.... stronger, stronger, stronger... sometimes we have to nudge the conversation along again. 

other current B favorites

some version of {B} can we go downstairs... can I have a drink... can we read?  if it doesn't happen immediately he always says {B} well then, let's do it.  Its a small thing, but I love it. 


it's a good thing...
if its windy {B} good thing I have my coat.
if he bonks his head {B} good thing I'm a strong boy
if he's eating {B} good thing I have my snack


Amy said...

What an adorable little boy! You are certainly blessed!

Taiyo And Samantha said...

Aw that's sooo cute. I love reading your blogs about the things B says. :)