Tuesday, September 08, 2009

labor day weekend

This weekend was awesome.
  • family
  • children's museum
  • golf
  • garage sales
  • Swiss Days
  • football game for the guys
  • shopping 
  • little photoshoot
  • and a boat load of projects picked up a long the way
  • did a cartwheel for the first time in years: we were playing in the yard, the grass looked so nice and lush and I wondered when the last time I had done one was... figured the worst thing would be a pulled thigh muscle and went for it.  It felt so good.  One turned into 2,3,4, etc.... and roundoffs.  It also got Kyle up and trying them and Bray attempting his version and many somersaults.  
I have a lot of fun pictures to upload and I will later this evening - after Braylon's t-ball orientation.

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