Friday, September 25, 2009

t g i f

Braylon had soccer last night and loved it.  The only problem is that there are 12 kids on the team and only 5 are on the field at a time.  Braylon hates coming out, even if he's totally not paying attention to the game and actually just lying in the middle of the field taking a breather.

Thank you for all the congrats, we are extremely excited and can't wait until the 5th when we go in again. Things have gone pretty well... well considering I have never been more tired in my life than I have been these past 2 months (except maybe just after Braylon was born and I was operating 100% sleep deprived from his sleep and feeding schedule). I am not constantly sick which is good, but I do get hit a few times a day for a few hours at a time and its pretty miserable... but I know its all for a good cause so its ok.

 I am SO thankful that 1 - its Friday! and 2 - I get to be home this weekend and not in some far away town wrangling Braylon while Kyle plays softball all day/night!  Yay!  
My house, laundry pile and sanity need this weekend! Especially since in the past 24 hours I have 1 - had my first experience swerving off the road while driving to work so that I could puke in a grocery sack I {thankfully} had in my car {I've never had nausea hit so fast or hard before} 2 - somehow while opening my car door last night I slammed it into my forehead and now have a nice big dent and a lot of pain if I accidentally touch it and 3- my favorite wedge heel broke today while I was running an errand for work... its time for a rest...

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Dan and Marci Family said...

Julie Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you guys, wow it's awesome how things work out. Yeah I can't wait to see another cute little Borchert.