Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yeah, thats a HUGE picture of underwear

Day 2 was another success, no accidents all day/night.

Day 3, today, so far no accidents! @ least no potty accidents.
I got a call right at the end of work asking how soon we could be there because one of his teacher's had accidentally shut his thumb in a door.

Normally that would be sad, but as long as he was okay, not too much stress.

Except for the fact that yesterday evening he fell off of the top of the bleachers onto concrete at Kyle's softball game. Concerned everyone with how he fell and had multiple strangers checking him over and commenting on how they felt his hit on the next bleachers over. Yeah.
No bleeding, no bumps, a few bruises and a lot of lost hair. I think the trauma/stress had some strange effect on him because he had hair all over his shirt, my shirt from holding him and barely running my hands through his hair I came up with @ least 5 handfuls of his long locks.

Have you ever heard of that happening?

He seems to be doing great though. He snuggled for a few minutes and then spent the rest of the game running the bases { he pretend hits the ball in slow motion - because that's how you hit fastballs- and then runs the bases, over and over} telling stories, and singing songs. Thumbs okay, a little swollen but nothing that watching a special episode of Bob the Builder can't fix.

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