Friday, August 28, 2009

too tired to laugh @ until I told Kyle

I was exhausted all day yesterday.  Not just tired, totally fatigued!
After work Kyle watched B and made dinner so that I could rest - good man!
Then he had to leave, he had an 8:30 softball game which meant a still very tired mommy had to try to put Braylon down for the night.

That doesn't work so well when little man has way more energy than I do. He tried to go to sleep for about an hour, he was quiet and was almost able to stay on his bed.  After that he just had way too much energy and gave up.  I told him he had to stay in his room and I went downstairs hoping he would fall asleep. About 2 hours into this battle of wills I heard him going through drawers in the kitchen.  When I came in I found the fridge door wide open, drawers open, and B standing in the middle of the floor caught with his hands full.  Right hand, cherry chapstick {which also covered the entire bottom half of his face} and in the Left, my electric can opener.  Oh man.

I'll admit I didn't have the most patience at this point, I took his new found treasures away to much protesting, whipped his face clean and took him back into his room.  As I was fixing his bed he was quiet and then asked me, "will you be sweet to me?" It only took that split second to deflate, re-prioritize and say sincerely, "Yes baby, I will be sweet to you. I love you, now please climb in bed and have a good night sleep."

He said okay, and he did. 

The whole exchange had still worn me out completely.  When Kyle got home I told him the story and he hugged me and laughed, I re-pictured Braylon standing there hands full, face covered in wax on his own little adventure and I had to laugh too.

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