Wednesday, August 12, 2009

seclusion? ... no...

just a really strict diet and busy schedule... but I'll catch you all up in just a little bit.

but first!

we had someone come over this morning to help tackle some of the deep spring cleaning that just didn't happen. she is the friend of a coworker of Kyle's and I met her for the first time today as I gave her a quick rundown on the house.

so 2 things...

if you have ever had a house cleaner come over - did you feel the need to compulsively clean before their arrival like I did?

and, if you were away from home while they were working, did you question if it would be okay to go home for lunch? Not because you wanted to check on them, more like you didn't want to disturb them in the process?

I have a strange mind.


Terri said...

haha! Yay for you! You deserve a little help!

I do tidy up before our house cleaner comes, but it is because her job is to do the "cleaning" not the organizing. She can't mop the floors if they're covered with toys!

And yes, I don't like to be home when she is there either. I don't want her to feel like I am watching her. And, I hate when people watch me clean!

Heidi said...

So how much do you pay a house cleaner person? I've always wanted to hire someone, maybe someday in our new house. (we bought a house)

Jess said...

I used to think that people who had a cleaning lady were lazy. Ha... ha... ha... Yeah, I know better now. Maybe someday I can afford one.