Wednesday, August 19, 2009

photo sneak peak

You can click on the pictures to make them larger... Bray is really happy in the lower pic from the above college... with it so small I don't think it shows it. Braylon would run down the big hill and than call for Kyle to come get him with the balloons so the balloons could float him all the way back up the hill / with Kyle's help, of course.

After starting the adventure with no interest in playing with the balloons, when B accidentally let go of them he was momentarily traumatized. Good bye big bunch of balloons! When B calmed down he told us how a plane would fly by and catch them and bring them back to him...

For braylon's party our main decorations were red and blue balloons. It ended up being cheaper to rent a hellium tank and buy larger packs of balloons and some curling ribbon, and it seemed like a much easier way to get a lot of balloons home.

I had really wanted to get some pictures with b and some balloons before his party but didn't get to it. I had to return the tank today so at the last minute we filled up a fresh bath of balloons and headed to the park to see if we could get some fun {holy! how are you already 3?!?!} photos.

I will be trying to choose a few favorites where you actually see his face, and get those up soon!

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