Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pics for Mari

Okay... so, I mentioned before I on a weight loss/fitness challenge this month.

Mari requested pictures, this is all I have so far to show the change.. not the best pics to show it, but the change in just this amount of time is pretty awesome.

We are excited to get some family pictures taken... since we haven't really done any except a sad attempt for Christmas. I think I'm even ready to get legal in UT and get an instate drivers license. I've been putting it off purely due to vanity and not wanting my... fuller... face to be memorialized on my dl.

* down 20.4 lbs at this time! Holy Moly!
** pics taken by Kyle as I tried to console B as we watched his balloons float away
*** i knew it, but these pictures really confirm it, my behind is totally flat. time for lunges and squats again asap! just so my pants fit properly!


Kelly O. said...

Julie!! You look fabulous!! What's the diet you're on?

Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Seriously, your butt looks great, I WANT that butt, thanks! 20.4 pounds is AWESOME, and a ton of work. I'm proud of you (and jealous)!

Terri said...

You look GREAT!!!!