Sunday, August 16, 2009

happy 3rd birthday b - party with friends and family

{l}Braylon blowing out his candles... He either has really good lungs or didn't want to get too close. I obviously didn't think about the backdrop for this picture... {r}Braylon's shark cupcakes.

{l} some of the friends, cupcake time {top r} special pic for Marci, Brock eating his dropped ice cream sandwich off the sidewalk... horrified Marci, cheered on by everyone else {bottom r} boys playing on B's new swingset.
{all} gift time. Braylon was so excited, he loves talking about his special presents. He was given this cool bike that he loves riding (being pushed) around the yard. He will be cruising next spring!

{special self portrait} by a guest, thank your hubby Jess! =)


Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

That looks like a bunch of fun, what a great day! And, I like the shirt - I was going to get the 2 one for Arin but restrained myself. Your yard is looking great btw!

Dan and Marci Family said...

It was a fun party way to go mom. I love the picture of my Brock man, what a funny kid.