Friday, August 07, 2009

happy 3rd birthday b - party @ school

I am continually impressed and thankful for the daycare/preschool that we found for Bray. They had a fun little party for him during morning snack time. They had banners, table and chair decorations, balloons and gifts all ready set up when I came. We sang happy birthday, ate cupcakes and capri suns. Then we watched a special video they created of pictures of Braylon since he started attending and was accompanied by his favorite songs he sings there.

All of this was amazing and above and beyond but then one additional thing just about made me cry. A little neighbor boy and girl that they watch occasionally came over for Braylon's party, and they had been saving up for a gift for B. They handed over a little ziplock bag with about $1.05 in nickles, dimes and quarters. They were smiling so big and seemed so happy that they could give all that they had been saving.

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Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

That looks so much fun! What a great place that is, so glad you can feel good about who he's hanging out with when you're away.