Friday, June 19, 2009

yesterday's turn out

* buy a new camera battery charger
* apparently they do not sell the version of charger that my camera battery uses.
* they do however sell additional batteries. that come dead, and need to be charged. but! inkleys did offer to charge my battery there at the store for me so at least I can use my camera.
* hit up Joanne's big sale (again)
* spent too much time... and probably too much money, was almost late to kyle's softball game and sure made him antsy. but I did find some great material and their simplicity patterns are all on sale for $1.99 each so that's pretty amazing.
* get B to hold still for 30 seconds so I can...
* hem the pants I made for him in class last night
* didn't happen. home from the game and straight into the bath for little man then straight to bed. I started an email to my boss asking him to back off and not call/text my cell in the evening/night asking about work things unless its something that is crucial and has to happen asap. I chickened out and watched so you think you can dance instead.

but bray got to hang out with his buddy james at the softball game, and they had so much fun. james is a little afraid of dogs and hides behind you if one gets too close. someone walked their hound dog right by us so he wanted to be held. I picked him up and asked him about the dogs floppy ears as I wiggled his ear. That made him laugh and he would wiggle my ear and we teased each other the rest of the evening about having floppy ears. He was also much more brave around that hound dog and would smile and point to it and ask bray if he could see the floppy ears.

small victory!

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