Thursday, June 25, 2009

sometimes I'm inappropriate on purpose

but most of the time I am inappropriate on accident, and feel quite sheepish afterwards.

In my office I do a lot of communicating with our other centers over skype messaging and spend a lot of time during the day talking to the manager in the Philippines.

Lately he has had to leave the office and is gone for a few hours at a time and when he leaves he acts like its very serious and urgent.

Today he sent me a message saying he had to leave and if my boss inquired about him I should tell him that he had to "go do what a man's got to do".

I selected the arm flexing icon on skype and sent it, saying "go flex your muscle!"

He replied with "lol" and an icon of a little face with beads of sweat...

When I told my co-worker to pass on the message that he is gone because he has to "do what a man has to do" he informed me that apparently the manager and his wife are trying to conceive and so they are on a timed schedule with certain things....

"go flex your muscle..." great... can't wait to have another business chat with him.


Meg said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! I laughed so hard when I read this!! TOO FUNNY!

Whitney said...

that's awesome!

Craig and Jen said...

That just made my day....too funny!