Friday, June 12, 2009

putting the blog to work {again}

Anyone in the building industry knows that they whole economic situation at hand has really hurt the building industry since it is so much harder to get lines of credit to build. Kyle's firm has had to make cuts over the past two years and has now had to go pretty bare bones. In that process Kyle was one of the last cut when they dropped to a skeleton crew recently. We are looking for anything in the area or out of state. We're up for a new adventure if necessary. Even with firms letting more people go than hiring we hope that he can placement with a great firm.
So, if anyone has any ideas for contacts in the Architecture or Construction/Project Management field let us know! If you know of any place that also specializes in Sports and Rec architecture, even better!
Kyle is just finishing up a sample of work portfolio which is awesome, and when he's done I'll post a sampling. It will give you a little taste of his awesome skills.


Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this, I know how hard of a thing that is. With Kyle's mad skills I'm sure he'll find something in no time... wish I knew someone who could help.

Amy said...

That really stinks! I so hope that can find something quick and you guys can be settled...Best of Luck!

Russell said...

Oh Jules, I'm so sorry!! That's awful. Kyle's resume is impressive though, i'm sure he'll get snatched up quickly by another firm. I'd tell you to look in Washington but I don't want you to have to sell your house right now. Let me know how things go!!

Russell said...

That's Heidi, not Russell. =0)