Tuesday, April 07, 2009


A week ago we had 17 employees in my office.
The week before we had more.
Yesterday we had 8.
Today we have 7.

Every 3 days or so I get a text to cut someones final check.
I print it, give it to my boss to sign, and then hear him call the unsuspecting person in.
It's getting very stressful.

We were supposed to have a meeting last Wednesday to discuss what is going on.
It has been postponed each day since.
I finally decided that everyday we don't meet I still have a job so maybe it can just keep getting postponed.
I hope, hope, hope that I get to stay on.
Here's to hoping!


Meg said...

Sadly on Thursday it will be 6! YIKES! but at least I will be leaving on my own terms :)

Kristen said...

Good luck to you!

Nancy said...

Wow! I have been there. I was with a company a couple of years ago that laid off half of the staff within 2 days. Unfortunately, I was one of them. But the bosses daughter wasn't. Interesting how that works, isn't it? I'm happy now but it sure sucked at the time! Good luck!

Amy said...

Crossing my fingers for you!!!

justin said...