Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perfect Saturday

Yesterday was perfect. Kyle's Dad, Warren, came down for the weekend so they could go skiing before the season is over. They left for the mountain early Saturday morning. After they left B and I had a major potty training moment {I know only other new moms can appreciate it} but we hugged, cheered and I had promised him a present. We got ready to go out and and headed to Cookie Cutters to get his hair cut. They cut off way more hair than I had requested, but he still looks like a little stud. The shorter cut makes him look even older though, and that was a little sad to see.

Afterwards we went to Tuesday Morning and TJ Max HomeGoods to look for a fun little present. I love looking at toys for him now. He will walk all through a store, pointing to things or picking them up and asking, "remember this one???" We talk about it a little bit and then he will put it back as we search for just the right one. He ended up picking out a little set of cars that included two 4-wheelers and a motercycle. He loves them. After those stores we went to Old Navy and found a couple of cute shirts on clearance for B and then headed home.

We were only home for a minute before we left again to pick up my brother and bring him back home so that he could walk with us over to Pat's for lunch where we were meeting my Dad. We had a great time, even though they didn't have a lunch band going. I had to hurry home because we had signed up with the boy scouts to have them come do some yardwork for a fundraiser. I cleaned up and did laundry while waiting for them.

Kyle and his Dad came home shortly after that, B had a long nap. We grilled and played baseball in the backyard for awhile after he woke up. I wanted to take a bath and Bray begged to join me so we had a hilarious time in there together squirting water and singing fun songs. Warren read B a bunch of books to put him to bed.

It was a very fun, very happy, full day.

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The Fegers said...

My version of a perfect saturday would have pics:)
Sounds good though. I love stress-free Saturdays, especially w/ potty training breakthroughs! hip hip hooray!