Monday, March 23, 2009

i want {you}

Braylon has been very much the daddy's boy for awhile now. It has been great seeing their bond grow so much, and I never want that to change, but I have been secretly praying that he would realize that he can love me that much too, and not just switch back and forth between us.

Recently when I go in with Kyle to tuck Bray in bed, he will tell me, "No! Its daddy's turn".
Sometimes he doesn't want me to touch him, or even look at him and occasionally my kissed get wiped away.

The other night Kyle and B were brushing their teeth and as I approached the bathroom door Bray held out his hand and said, "Stop. Go backwards, Okay?"
I had to laugh at that one, he wanted me to go away and retreating backwards seemed like the best way in his little mind.

Most mornings I get him ready and take him to daycare, or "school", the last couple of weeks have been pretty hard because he wants daddy. He cries for daddy, looks around the house for daddy and wants nothing to do with me, but I still have to get him changed and dressed and loaded into the car.

This morning started out the same, and I held him and asked, more to myself than to him, "when will you want me again?" He stopped his crying and leaned into me and said,

"I want you. I want you. I want --- started to say daddy then stopped--- I want you."

I hugged him, he hugged me.
It was a much better morning.

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Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Aww, sweetie! That must be so hard, I can't imagine. What a phase to go through! Hugs <3