Thursday, March 05, 2009

Girl Scout Thin Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

I'm really trying to figure out how to lose weight when there is a carton of girl scout thin mint chocolate ice cream in my freezer.

It obviously needs to be gone...

and the only way I can think to get rid of it is by eating the whole carton.


**Kyle just read this post and says, "if you really feel that way you should have just told me and I would have eaten it all."
Silly man. Of course that's not the answer. But thanks for reading. ;)**


Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Mmmmm.... I just don't even buy ice cream. This sounds so yummy though, I love mint ice cream.

K J B said...

Good Call! I got it to go with Kyle's cake. And I had decided that I would not support the girl scout cookie cause this year {mostly because I didn't want to eat the whole box of thin mints on my own... like I would if we had some} ... but the thin mint ice cream was too good to pass up!

Jess said...

I had to comment because I just happened to be chowing down on Thin Mints as I read your post. Bryan bought ten (!) boxes of GS crack this year. Hard to ignore boxes of Thin Mints & Samoas in the cupboard.

Side note to anyone operating a fundraiser - Bryan is an easy target!