Sunday, March 29, 2009

{fake skin induced} Church Meltdown

We {still!} have church from 1-4 pm. I say still because this is the third year in a row we have had this schedule. It is such a hard time to have church with a toddler who's nap time is at that time, so he misses it, and sacrament is last so by that time all of the kids have had it.

Things were going well in sacrament until Bray started running one of his cars down my leg like a ramp. He stopped, and looked closely at my leg and then started to pick at it. I was wearing tan colored tights because it was cold today {it snowed all morning/day! grrr}. Braylon started crying and say, "No, Mommy!" "I don't want you to be hurt!!!" and all sorts of other things I couldn't understand because he fell into a complete melt down right then. I know he was so tired and that didn't help the cause, but he really was so concerned with my skin and what was happening with it. Kyle took Bray out into the hall where he was screaming, "I want Mommy", I listened to the closing prayer. Grabbed all of our stuff and ran out.

{I had a flashback to a similar situation from my childhood when my little brother was picking at my mom's tights in church trying to figure out what in the world they were. I wonder if either of them remember it.}

Bray didn't really recover until we got him home and I held and rocked him in the living room, singing songs, until he calmed down and eventually fell asleep. It was very sweet, and very sad that I had caused that little melt down today. I'll try to remember to show him what they are so that won't happen again. Has anything like that happened to any of you other moms?


Amy said...

Our little guy had a meltdown yesterday, too. It involved him running down the hallway and me trying to catch him while wearing my 7" wedge heals. Not a pretty site!

Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Oh no... I can see how that might be traumatic, he thought you had a wasting skin disease! Hee hee, poor baby. I dread days when Arin has to skip his nap, it's usually a huge disaster or he ends up falling asleep standing up.

The Fegers said...

i can picture it, but I don't wear anything on my legs except for the occassional lotion. I can imagine the fear though, especially when so exhausted!