Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{confession} I'm a little sad

there is snow on my lawn/house/car again. and its cold!

it was 65+ last week.

that's enough to make me cry. did the weather forget that it is march?!?!

work as been a little stressful, megan and i have to babysit a bunch of adults that have no concept of what it means to take pride in what they do, or in their work. grrr. we have had to fire too many people lately; at least one more will be let go tomorrow, and even more will probably leave when they realize the changes we are making to the running of the office. i realized that i can be intimidating to some people when i call them to my desk. i made a girl shake like crazy and start to cry. come on people. it's me, just do your job.

i really hurt myself last monday at the gym. i snapped or popped the cartiladge that connects my ribs to my sternum {at least thats what we can come up with}. it hurts, bad. it had been getting a little better but i had another session yesterday and did one move that has probably set me back a week on healing. basically, it hurts to: breath in, breath out, twist, pick anything up, turn the steering wheel, shift my sholders forward or backwards. ouch. there isn't really anything to do about it, but let it rest. any good ideas? as for now, its a pretty funny spot to be icing at work. =)


soon we will be heading for a little trip to arizona for a few days of fun, family, sun, spring training baseball, domestic skills training and seeing friends i haven't seen in far too long. and that is something to look forward to.

sometimes i just like to write without caps. its kind of freeing.


John and Casey Matern said...

hey julie! when are you going to arizona? we're going for easter!!!

Amy said...

I wish that it would snow here so it would cool down! Lucky it poured today so it's not so hot...not looking forward to a blazing summer!
My fav quilt shop here is Cabbage Rose, but when we lived in Orem, my fav was American Quilting. SO FUN!

Anonymous said...

You could have Kyle bring you to his college town where we had a blizzard yesterday (7 inches of snow and 40 MPH winds on top of the 3 inches the day before) and today have high temperatures below 0. Might make you feel a little better about your weather.

K J B said...

Thats why I have only visited in the summer when it is beautiful and the only weather change to deal with is a little humidity. You should tell your weather it is MARCH too! Time for sun! - Who posted the anonymous anyway?

Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Wow Julie, kicking butt and taking names, eh? I can't believe people are terrified of your wrath! Hee hee. Guess you didn't have the ice pack on at that point? I don't know what they do to you at that gym, it seems like you get a lot of injuries there, is it like Viking War Training Camp?? Take care of yourself chica!