Wednesday, March 25, 2009

at least he knows my role

{I made b a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut out into 2 dinosaurs, with flat earth tomato chips. He took his plate into the living room to eat by Kyle who was writing a letter. I went down stairs to finish folding laundry.}

Conversation going on upstairs:

K: Oh buddy, peanut butter and jelly. That's one of my favorites. Do you love it?
B: Yeah.
B: You want this sandwich? {as he points to half}
K: No thanks, its yours. You eat it.
B: I take care of you.

Little Voice calls down the stairs

B: Mom. Come.

I go up the stairs and B points to the spot on the counter where I made his sandwich.

B: Daddy needs one.

Way to take care of your daddy b.

About an hour before that we were all playing in his room and I got him a cup of pink milk. He brought it to Kyle and offered him some. Kyle politely refused saying it was b's cup. Bray looked at me and said that Kyle needed some too. I had b repeat after me: daddy? are your legs broken? It was cute. I am really liking this repeating stage now.


Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Hahahah! 'Daddy are your legs broken?' I love that.

Dan and Marci Family said...

What a cute story. My boy's are big time daddy boy's too.