Monday, February 16, 2009

valentines and {real} love

From previous posts the blogging world knows I have been very, very sick since about Thursday. I had missed work at the beginning of the week from little man being sick so I figured I needed to be sure to fill in full days even though I could tell I was going downhill fast...

hence my sad post Thursday.

I went home Friday knowing I was going to crash, hard. I did. I spent the entire weekend either in my bed or in a steaming hot shower/bath just trying to breath... and not cough or sneeze because those two things brought on incredible pain.

Needless to say, having Valentine's Day fall on this past Saturday was not so great as far me being able to celebrate the day the way I had wanted to. But here's where real love steps in.

Friday evening Kyle made up our bed, just for me: extra pillows on all sides {because I am a child on occasion and like to have something to snuggle all around me} he had the portable dvd player set on one side, girlie movies {only I would want to see} from redbox, constant water/sprite/orange juice/tea/theraflu on my side table and occasional sustanance. He slept downstairs so he hopefully wouldn't catch anything from me {and sometimes it feels really good to have a king size bed all to yourself}. He took care of B and made my day Saturday by giving me a music card that he and B picked out and they took turns holding the imaginary mic and strumming the magna-doodle guitair to rock out to "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" in the kitchen.

He also sent a perfect bouquet of pink tulips to my office Friday... all in all I had a great Valentines Day and had a wonderful helping of real love.

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Bobosaurus Wranlger said...

Awwwr, what a sweetheart Kyle is! For a mom that sounds like a wonderful present. I'm sorry you were feeling so lousy though, that just stinks. :/