Thursday, February 12, 2009

please, please...

I need some kind soul to come to my work and:

a) bring a padded wheel chair that can go up and down stairs
b) wrap me in a large down comforter that has been pre-warmed
c) massage my broken body with cream that will make me go numb
d) take away my fever and bring back my voice
e) bring me a coat for after work since I was so roasting this morning I didn't bring one and I have to walk so slowly that I froze outside at lunch and I know I will freeze again later

I have gotten so sick after taking care of little man, and its day 2 after meeting with my trainer and I still feel like I was attacked with a meat tenderizer. It hurts so badly to sit down, to stand up, straighten my legs, walk... At least {I can laugh at myself}.

1 comment:

Emily and Arin said...

I hope you're feeling better by now! You're such a hero to go to work like that, I would totally have taken a sick day. :)